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Why is this page called the "Star Seed Garden" you may ask and I may say..."I just like the sound of it OKAI!?" ^_^ But the real answer is: All the Sailor Scouts in the entire universe, have a star seed inside them. Here you can visit ALL the senshi from planets you may have NEVER heard of! So enjoy! ;)

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Choose from the scout's below, the one you would like to learn more about/see pictures of!

PLEASE NOTE!: the senshi below are in ABSOLUTELY! no order whatsoever!.. *heh..Yeah right!*

Inner Senshi

Sailor Jupiter!
Sailor Mars
Sailor Moon: N/A
Sailor Venus*this page won an award!
Sailor Mercury: N/A
Sailor Chibi Moon: N/A

Outer Senshi

Sailor Saturn: N/A
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Uranus: N/A
Sailor Neptune: N/A

Sailor Starlights

Sailor StarFighter: N/A
Sailor StarMaker: N/A
Sailor StarHealer: N/A

Other Senshi!

Sailor Galaxia*
Sailor Chibi Chibi:N/A
Asteroid Scouts/Amazoness Quartet: N/A
Sailor Chuu
Sailor Mermaid
Sailor Cronis
Sailor Mau
Sailor Heavy Mettal Paillion
Sailor Mnemosyne
Sailor Lethe
Sailor Phi & Sailor Chi
Sailor Fireball/Princess Fireball
Sailor Channel & Sailor Gucchi
Sailor Chaos

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